Green Politics

The New Compass

   The New Compass Earth Economics and the vertical political spectrum Diagram –  ‘Wellbeing As A Compass’ © by J.P. Malkin from ‘A Political Economy of Life” Taking Sustainability To The Next Level Earth is the only planet that has self replenishing systems that generate, maintain and support life. Developing an economic system that does […]

The New Dimension of Political Economy in the 21st Century

The Emergence of a New Dimension of Political Economy J.P. Malkin argues that we have been thinking in the wrong dimension. The political spectrum of left, right and centre as well as  the concept of the “free”  market have locked us into illusions of freedom and choice. The emerging new political economy is collaborative self […]

Citizen’s Markets

Citizen’s Markets Moral Trading As The Price For Entering Local & Regional Markets Hippocratic No Harm & Fair Trade Pledges For Businesses and Professionals Whose market is it? Surely that is a very good question. The economist who predicted the banking crisis, Noreena Hertz, has suggested that,”Markets need to serve the interests of people as […]

The Commons and Nature – Our Shared Inheritance

The Commons and Nature – Our Shared Inheritance The concept of the Commons is a significant perspective that is central to sustainability and green issues but which has much wider implications for a moral imagination.