Imagine Politics Without Political Parties

A Non Party Political Broadcast The purpose of the economy is human wellbeing. The purpose of politics is to protect the sacred {1]  and to restrain self-serving power of the market, the state and the individual

Prosperity & Wellbeing Are Beyond The Market & The State

Civil Society Is The Ground Of  Wellbeing “The major problems of our time — energy, environment, economy, climate change, social justice — cannot be understood in isolation. They are systemic problems, which means that they are all interconnected and interdependent, and they require corresponding systemic solutions’ Fritjof Capra

The Wellbeing Economy vs The Vampire Economy

  The Wellbeing Economy vs The Vampire Economy How much longer can the mantra of neoliberalism remain stubbornly in place? Whilst governments, mainstream media and millions of people still see it as normal, natural, rational and inevitable, millions more are waking up to the fact that it is none of the above. They are recognising […]

Liberalism Is Part of the Problem Not The Solution

  Is Liberalism The Dead Body in the Doorway To A New Future? When –isms become –ists they are on their way to becoming –wasms If Liberalism is not quite dead, then it is certainly rapidly heading past its sell by date. In the UK liberal culture has become mainstream. As well as becoming the […]

The Four Crumbling Pillars Of Neo-liberalism

  Few recognise we are at the end of the neoliberal era The media and political class are well behind the curve in this regard. Old assumptions still dominate the BBC and the right wing press which in this regard are hardly distinguishable. But it’s not only New Labour that is as dead as Monty […]

What is systemic change?

  Ethical solutions and social enterprise are a necessary but insufficient basis for systemic economic change Joshua Malkin describes a Commons Equity Society – a new model of ownership, finance and distribution – that institutionalises ‘indirect reciprocity’ within the market through a systemic structure that reconnects wealth creation with the common good and bestows sovereignty […]

Wellbeing & Civil Society 

Civil Society Is The Ground That Is Necessary for Wellbeing to Flourish Civil society is much more than social and economic justice or a label for voluntary or not for profit organizations.Civil society is an abundant, generative culture based upon deep values of respect, reciprocity, responsibility, collaboration and the protection of the shared value found […]


A Selection of Videos about the values of interdependence

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer In the spirit of genuine debate, we sincerely hope our view, that the Greens seem to have taken a wrong turn will be received and engaged with in the spirit in which it is intended.If like us, you are, or have been, a Green supporter […]