Towards INTERDEPENDENCE – A Celebration

Galvanizing Momentum For The New Paradigm

Our aim is to create an Annual Festival of Interdependence.

We are putting out this call for partners – individuals and organisations who would be willing to co-create such an event. The Festival of Interdependence will include activities as well as ideas and is intended to be an celebration as well as a call to action. Rather than simply being a festival of thinking we would like to create a celebration of Thinking, Feeling & Willing with Art, Music and Poetry around the theme of An Interdependent Future.

You may well have suggestions for speakers and activities that are a celebration and a call to action for creating such a future. We invite your suggestions of ideas, speakers and activities congruent with the theme of Interdependence. Please email info@newharmony.org.uk.

 Possible Ideas Themes

Introduction To the New Paradigm

Civil Society – A Shared Moral Compass

The Economics of Wellbeing

Nature, Body, Land and Food

Widening Democracy

Re-enfranchising the Feminine and the Family

Fields of Wisdom and Integral Education

The Integrating of Nurturing & Protection



You can contact us by emailing info@newharmony.org.uk


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