Green Politics

Chivalrous Capitalism

The Transition movement does not reject enterprise or exchange economics, but offers different values and criteria to contain the powerful shadows of the relationship of exchange as expressed within the warrior model of capitalism

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer In the spirit of genuine debate, we sincerely hope our view, that the Greens seem to have taken a wrong turn will be received and engaged with in the spirit in which it is intended.If like us, you are, or have been, a Green supporter […]

Another Kind of Freedom

Another Kind of Freedom: The Gift of Self Restraint A narcissistic culture that focuses only on personal entitlement can never endure or be a mature expression of our values. A renaissance that moves us towards Interdependence requires a re-examination of both neo- conservative and neo – liberal ideas of freedom to include and encompass the […]