April, 2012

Citizen’s Markets

Citizen’s Markets Moral Trading As The Price For Entering Local & Regional Markets Hippocratic No Harm & Fair Trade Pledges For Businesses and Professionals Whose market is it? Surely that is a very good question. The economist who predicted the banking crisis, Noreena Hertz, has suggested that,”Markets need to serve the interests of people as […]

Lost Value Tax and the Priniciple of Harmonic Taxation

Lost Value Tax and the Principle of Harmonic Taxation When grassland is over grazed or forests are destroyed it is a cost to the whole of humanity. The value of the Commons is immeasurable but that is not to say that such shared value is impossible to recognize. Planetary citizenship dictates we should protect the […]

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer

Why The Green Party Does Not Yet Have The Answer In the spirit of genuine debate, we sincerely hope our view, that the Greens seem to have taken a wrong turn will be received and engaged with in the spirit in which it is intended.If like us, you are, or have been, a Green supporter […]