Why Progressives Can’t Progress & Conservatives Can’t Conserve

“When 21st century Ceasars have the technological, scientific and financial  power to undermine and to undo Creation, then the question arises what is and is not Ceasar’s? And to whom should we render it? ” from ‘Beyond Freedom’ by J. P. Malkin The foundational principles of our long accepted political philosophies are no longer able […]

Creating A Shared Moral Compass

Creating A Shared Moral Compass From Many Traditions and Paths Karen Armstrong’s initiative – ‘The Charter For Compassion’ ( see www.charterforcompassion.org) is a prime example of how people from many points of view, both secular and faith based, can be brought together around a shared moral compass.(i) Implicit in the Charter is the idea of […]

Developing A Deeper Reverence For Ourselves

Developing a Deeper Reverence For Who We Are The development of any child into a pinnacle of conscious life on Earth is a miraculous process but in our modern materialist culture it is all too easy to take who we are for granted. If tomorrow a planet was discovered with a Noetic life form as […]