Imagine Politics Without Political Parties

A Non Party Political Broadcast

The purpose of the economy is human wellbeing. The purpose of politics is to protect the sacred {1]  and to restrain self-serving power of the market, the state and the individual

We cannot have wellbeing alone

Freedom without fraternity is not liberty but licence

Rights without responsibility are empty unsustainable entitlement

Power without self-restraint is sociopathic narcissism

“Free” markets without ethical responsibility are economic cannibalism {2]

Our economic obligations and social duty are a means to improving our selves and our communities by building social, civic and environmental value ( the commons)

Respect to each and every being is a prerequisite for an ethical life and a flourishing world

Ethical individualism promotes equality of being-ness and respects diversity

From each according to their capability

To each and all according to our mutuality and human fellowship

To each according to their efforts and contribution to all

The only legitimate authority left today is the authority of the heart.

But equality, expressed only as rights, demands deadening sameness and disrespects experience, capability and maturity

‘Let the greatest amongst you be the servants of all’

The values of stewardship, fraternity and human fellowship are of a higher order than either freedom or equality and are a prerequisite for legitimate authority and  legitimate leadership.

The purpose of civil society is to nurture capability, creativity and care in order to deliver collaborative communities where all may thrive

All our systems are dysfunctional if not broken – banking and finance, housing and planning, education and media, transport and energy, even our democracy and constitution – which Brexit will do absolutely nothing to solve.

According to Winston Churchill, ‘Greatness requires responsibility. ’  Let’s put the responsibility back into Britain.

Join us. Your creativity, wisdom and practicality are needed to re-unite the kingdom and to navigate through turbulent times to stability, peace and real prosperity rather than supporting the growth of transactional monetary turnover and centralized power

{1] The sacred considered as what we hold most dear

{2] Cannibalism of the shared natural, civil and human value that make up civil society, the domestic household economy and the commons all of which must be empowered and resourced to rebalance our dysfunctional political economy


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